This ain't Wonderland....

Damn sure ain't Narnia.

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Pairing: Key/Onew
Rating: R/ NC-17 for language and.... stuff and things.
Genre: fluff, romance, AU.... that kinda thing.
Word Count: ....does anyone ever really care about word count? lol

A/N: sorry this is late! there was a lot that happened today. anyways, kibum's a drag queen, and i'm beyond entertained with that idea. anyone else? lol
that's all from me for now. enjoy chapter 3. leave a comment so i know how you're liking the story, maybe?
kay, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Spilled Beans....Collapse )

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( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

The Type
Author: kibum412
Pairing: Jongyu
Word Count: ~1053 or so....
A/N: this was a product of one beer too many, listening to my metal playlist, and looking at pictures of Onew in Rock of Ages and Jonghyun in the Internet War performances.
....I regret nothing ^^"

He really didn't seem like the type of guy that would come to a place like this.Collapse )

sunglasses are more important than people think....
and here's why:
i have a growth on my right (and possibly my left) eye called a pterygium.
it's basically scar tissue on the conjunctiva (white part) that crawls over and blinds you if it isn't removed.
i'm posting this partially to warn everyone who reads this, and mostly to relieve some tension.
i'm petrified to say the least.
it seems like my worst fear is coming true.
i'm so very afraid of going blind, and now there's this growth that could possibly blind me if i don't have this surgery, not to mention that there's a fair chance that it can grow back worse after i have it removed.
it's my own stupid fault for not wearing sunglasses like i should, and spending all that time in the sun after keeping my house so dark.
everyone's telling me to calm down and that everything will be ok, and i'm trying.
i really am, but it's my worst fucking fear we're talking about here.
i'm afraid of spiders and jelly fish, but they don't make the blood drain from my face and make me start sweating at the thought.
blindness does this to me.
right now, i feel like throwing up, then dropping to my knees and sobbing uncontrollably.
i want to scream how it isn't fair that this is happening to me instead of happening to someone that has done something terrible to somebody, and then beg with every fiber of my being for this to just go away like it's never happened.
it may seem overdramatic and stupid of me to feel like this, but imagine if it was YOUR worst fear slowly coming to life....
anyways, protect your eyes.
wear sunglasses, try to avoid rubbing your eyes, and try to keep things from flying into them

....sooooo.... here's the deal....

i see a lot of male/male k-pop fanfictions, but i have yet to see female/female anything.
....this is where i come in.
being a lesbian, i would like to see lesbian love stories complete with fluff, smut, angst, and all of the fanfiction-y goodness that we've all come to love, cherish, and look forward to.
i don't know what kinds of reactions i'll get, or if i'll get any at all.
i just wanna put my story or stories out there for girls like me that are wanting for this stuff.
if you read it, thank you SO much.
if you don't.... well i can't miss anything i've never had, can i?....can i?

i plan on posting here soon.... maybe tomorrow night.... or tonight.... who can say for sure?

i'm not really the best at ending things like this, so i'm just gonna say that i'm excited to do this, and i hope that people can appreciate it.

till then.... peace!! ^^


Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...
Describe your perfect pizza.
extra cheese, banana peppers, mushrooms, onions, and black olives.... stuffed crust.


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